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Empty bush block or want to leave the rat race? Eureka Garages & Sheds can help.


Miners Cottage

Our Miner’s Cottage design has no internal load bearing walls which allows maximum flexibility with respect to creating your own internal floor plan. There is a huge range of available options to further personalise your design. These include external verandahs, balconies, sliding glass doors, windows with or without colonial type bars and internal mezzanine floors should you require more space. Coupled with a large range of external cladding type and colours the available combinations are endless.

Flooring systems can be concrete slab on ground or raised metal floor systems making them suitable for use on both flat and sloping land.  The all-steel frame construction also makes it suitable for use in termite infested areas and in bush fire prone areas.



If you require a larger and bolder design, the Winchelsea may be what you are looking for.

This design allows great flexibility with respect to increased ceiling heights for both the down stairs and upstairs areas whilst still allowing maximum flexibility to design you own floor plan.

The second story balcony extends to the full building width allowing the available views to be maximised. The Eureka Winchelsea along with the many options available to personalise your design  may be the design suitable for you


Lofty / Maxi Lofty

Are you limited by the amount of room you have available to erect your new building but still want ample storage room? Are you looking for an Alternative Dwelling building style that is both functional and attractive? Maybe you need a garage or workshop and an Alternative Dwelling design?  

The Eureka Lofty and Maxi Lofty designs have all of these design features. Not only are the designs versatile but they look great as well.


Custom Dwellings?

Please call one of our friendly and obliging sales teams for assistance in designing the structure of your needs.

Delivery Anywhere in Victoria

Delivery Anywhere in Victoria

We deliver our custom designed Sheds & Garages all throughout Victoria.

Located All over Victoria

Located All over Victoria

With locations across the state we have a showroom that’s within a country mile of you.

It’s now easier than ever before to find a EUREKA location near you.

Proudly 100% Australian Made

Proudly 100% Australian Made

We deliver our custom designed Sheds & Garages all throughout Victoria.


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