Lofty Barns for Sale

A lofty barn, AKA a loft shed, takes the traditional barn and gives it an extra level. Eureka Garages sells loft sheds in Victoria with internal lofts to create a second level – for an incredible amount of extra space.

Our lofty barns for sale are easy to construct, using only the primest materials renowned for their strength and durability.

Loft sheds in Victoria for every home & budget

Choose from a selection of basic designs and configure your loft shed however you want. With sizes ranging from standard to extra large, there’s a lofty barn for sale to suit every garden and budget.

In our kits, doors, windows, galvanised steel wall frames, guttering and pipes, and everything you need for installation come as standard. Add optional extras such as balconies, sliding doors and extra roll-ups to custom-create your ideal space.

For more DIY buildings, see our range of miner’s cottages for sale.

Meet Melbourne’s expert lofty barn manufacturers

As one of the only lofty barn manufacturers in Australia, Eureka can help you build the garage or shed that’s just right for you. We have an exceptional reputation in the industry, and continue to deliver products that are superior in their design, strength, and ease of construction.

We guarantee fast delivery in Melbourne and metropolitan areas, with freight options for Australia-wide deliveries.

Order a kit & build your garage

Click on each loft shed to see a full specification, and contact Eureka for more information. We have showrooms across Victoria, and welcome you to stop by!